Jay has a lifetime career of over 40 years in music. A drummer from the age of 12, he started playing guitar and singing at 16. Jay started his professional career in Guam and Japan in the 1970s. His band Mooonshine had a development deal with Polydor Records. He has played with Bang Tango (fill-in) and auditioned with Britney Fox and Nikki Sixx (pre-Motley Crue). Jay also appeared with Chuck Berry in Guam. Jay has performed with the groups Aunt Foxx, Moonshine, Egypt (original act), Doghouse (Blues and Rockabilly covers), Blue Tattoo (Rock covers), Mojo Rats (Rock and Blues covers) and Electric Mud (Originals / Covers). His Tribute work includes Aerotrain (as Steven Tyler – Aerosmith Tribute), AZ Top (as Billy Gibbons – ZZ Top Tribute), Wild Horses (as Keith Richards – Rolling Stones Tribute) and Recipe For Disaster (as Gilby Clark, GnR Tribute).He currently is the guarist and vocalist with his band Dark Horse, featuring his original songs.