Luhan Si Hadin writes songs with emo lyrics and acoustic instrumentation to listen to during identity crisis. 

As a nonbinary singer/songwriter with CHamoru, Chinese, Filipino, and Mexican heritage, they strive to create an outlet for nerdy queer listeners of color like themself. 

They purposely chose a name to embrace their fears-the fear of making and sharing art, the fear of being publicly out, and their fear of not properly honoring the many aspects of their heritage. Luhan Si Hadin means Hadin is scared in Chamorro. 

They also helped run the Sacramento Songwriter Circle during the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting local musicians during the transition to virtual live music.

You might have heard their music on Alternative Twist, KSSU, KYDS, or Sacramento Dirt. They are based in Sacramento, CA.

Their pronouns are: they, them, theirs, elle, gui’, guiya. Phonetic pronunciation: loo-hawn see huh-deen.