David A. Harley was born in the UK more decades ago than he cares to disclose. During the 1970s he enjoyed a brief and less than illustrious career as a professional musician. His later career includes spells as an IT administrator, security editor, author and researcher, and much else that is even less impressive, but he never quite grew out of playing the guitar (mostly) and writing songs, and when he retired from the security industry he considered returning to full-time music-making, but then along came Covid-19, so he now restricts his activities to writing and recording. Still, his songs and instrumentals reflect the range of music he’s made as a soloist and sideman over the last [mumble] decades: acoustic and electric, folk, Americana, blues, jazz and rock, even music for a revue. While his early albums are now unobtainable, most of those tracks (usually remastered or re-recorded) can be found at https://davidaharley.bandcamp.com/.