“God of Hope” by Matthew L. Talley

From Phebe Pang, DJ for Alternative Twist Radio:

As a radio station we provide Author Spotlights, and my good friend and ex-colleague Matthew Talley allowed me to get a pre-release copy of his book. Before working at the radio station, Matthew and I worked together in the mental health field, and I’m honored to review his autobiography in recognition of May Mental Health Awareness Month.

I’ve enjoyed reading Matthew’s book. Many of Matthew’s emotional milestones were paramount in my enjoyment in his book. These milestones are important life lessons for any adult to learn the coping skills and how communication is key in any relationship, whether it be between friends, collegues or partners in life. Feeling safe in expressing our feelings is so important and it does deepen our bonds to others, especially when it comes to discussing mental health issues, and fighting against the stigma in society but also the stigma we hold against ourselves. Talking about it openly brings the awareness and breaks the barriers down. Matthew’s life stories tie so well together, between his journey as a child, to a young man, to full adulthood, and how God played a role in his life. Matthew’s life long search for peace is something we all must be looking for in life, and his ultimate search for God and understanding God’s Will and desire for mankind. We can bond in life whenever we come across those who need and want help, and hopefully we can spread the message to just “Let go and let God.”

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Phebe and Mike interviewed Matthew live in-studio about his book, his goals for writing his book, and what mental health means to him. Tune in on any major podcast app under “The Mike & Phebe Show” or click on the link below, for Episode # 19. It’s a great companion interview to his book “God of Hope”.