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Jo Kapsalis

Jo Kapsalis was born in London, UK and is of Greek decent. Born in 1983, a Virgo. Recently diagnosed with ADHD she is very creative and thinks outside the box. Constantly writing poetry and is a deep lyricist. An overwhelming sense of empathy and integrity, refusing to ‘undress’ for music. An ex-athlete, semi-pro footballer (soccer) a chef, a floor fitter, a professional driver, a childminder, a horticulturalist, plus more physically demanding roles. Former founder of Rock Band ‘Hippy Havoc’. Since the band split has been going solo & independent for the past 5yrs. Playing guitar for 27yrs, currently privately teaching guitar, piano and bass guitar. She writes, records & produces her own music & videos. Genres are Rock, Rap, Reggae, Acoustic & Blues. She is not in it for money nor’ fame, she writes as a therapy, hoping it helps others along the way who can relate to her music. To sum up… music is her life.

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