Laura Jazmyn, only just 18, is SWND’s discovery of 2021, a remarkably gifted young singer-songwriter from South Wales. Catching the ears of SWND as the long sleep of lockdown was lifting, ‘Ride or Die’ comprises six new, original tracks recorded by Laura with her superb band. Influenced by Amy Winehouse and Joria Smith, the half-dozen songs gracing this accomplished debut herald a new Welsh female artist with mainstream appeal rooted in a precocious ability. Says Laura, “I started writing my own music as Laura Jazmyn two years ago and I focus on creating music that tells the story of my memories and experiences.”‘Ride Or Die’ is not your average debut. Laura’s soaring vocals, sense of melody and composition, and intimate lyrics bring you into the world a young Welsh recording artist with her creative future in front of her, this EP being her foothold there, full of conviction, honesty, hope and heart.