Often being described as a cross between Paul McCartney & Paul Simon with one foot still in the magical sounds of the sixties you’d be forgiven for thinking that The Village (or Phil Matthews to his friends) was the hero of that now world famous Kinks song about preservation ! Well he’s not ! But the music that Phil makes is being preserved, or saved and celebrated, because on the September issue of Rock’n’Reel magazine one of his songs will be featured on the free cover-mounted CD !Taken from his latest critically acclaimed album, Winds Of Change, Phil’s song ‘Looks Like It’s Friday Again’ will be there for you all to listen to. Carefully selected by a process of voodoo and the roll of a dice by the artist himself – the song is a tale of a lonely fella leftbehind while his mates went down the pub after arriving back home late from Glasgow (any resemblance to actual events in Phil’s life is purely accidental we’re told)To contact Phil for interviews, gigs or even to buy his music : www.thevillage.me.uk 07788 618041