Skot the Idea

Skot the Idea is a rising American-Nigerian artist born and raised in Rockville, Maryland. He also lived in London, UK for almost a decade during his early life, where he found a love for electronic music. Blending this with his background in the US and love for hip-hop, his sound is fresh and dynamic, which is showcased on his brand-new EP, 3 to Thrive Through. The EP is led by main single “When The Tune Hit”, a feelgood party anthem. Packed with infectious melodies and a huge anthemic hook, it showcases Skot’s impressive songwriting abilities and will no doubt be etched into everyone’s head after one listen With ‘When the Tune Hit’ I tried to embody that song that when you first hit the party is the one to make you start grooving”, says Skot the Idea. “The song also takes the listener through my mindset when I make songs like this, interwoven with how I like to get busy and enjoy a night out. I’ve wanted to make songs as vibrant as this for a while and have become attached to the sound, which will be featured in more projects to come.” Follow Skot The Idea on social media