Dana Ives

Hailing from California, Matt Ernst, Ethan Wallace and Nathan Kaplan brought their respective talents to New Orleans, where their love child, Dana Ives, was born. As time progressed, they brought on Taylor Law, a native Louisianian bassist. Dana Ives is best described as the musical sweet spot where lucid, screeching guitar melodies lay overtop aggressively raw drums and vocals, providing the perfect marriage of indie-rock and post-punk. The band’s sound reflects Ernst’s upbringing in the Los Angeles garage-rock circuit and Wallace’s experience drumming in the California hardcore scene. Combined with Kaplan’s synthesizers and samples and Law’s raw and aggressive bass techniques, Dana Ives creates a unique and dynamic experience that separates them from other alternative-rock bands. With their upcoming record “So Happy It’s Time” due August 2022, Dana Ives will be performing new material that ascends to a higher level of aggression and rhythm not heard in full form on their previous record.