Johnny Rock Band

Johnny Rock Band from Encinitas, CA. playing a mixture of genre’s with a surfy rock sound. Beach Party Rock originals and re-arranged covers with vocal harmonies, costumes, and stage props for an experience you won’t forget. Michelle Naidenoff – percussion and vocals, Tom Allen – Bassist, William Fullwood – guitar and vocals, Doug McBain – drums and vocals, and Tate Sanderson Aka. Johnny Rock on lead vocals and guitar. Tate has performed, recorded and jammed with musicians and bands including; Green Jello, Dirty Looks, Fishbone, Black Flag, Tesla, Iron Butterfly, Gary Hoey, Motels, Black Crowes, Saints We Ain’t… and more, including a video on MTV “One Bad Leg” with Dirty Looks on Sony/Rockworld Records. JRB is currently recording songs for a new CD now and you can find their albums “Holiday Rockin’ W/Johnny Rock” and “Beach Party Rock” plus a few singles “Hotdog On A Stick Song”, “I Like Tacos” and “Back In Encinitas” out wherever you get or listen to your music.