Episode 8

“It’s like if Yazoo kidnapped Bjork and forced her to listen to ‘Kid A’ era Radiohead in a dark room while Moloko kept switching the light on and off for added fear/effect.” Mitchell Tennant, Head Noise. Episode 8 are Maddie Southorn and Ian Grehan. A duo from Weston Super Mare, UK; two friends from diverse musical backgrounds who came together over the Covid19 lockdown to collaborate on a new project. Maddie Southorn is a singer/songwriter and pianist in the Kate Bush/Suzanne Vega vein. She has released multiple albums, gained plaudits and airplay in both the UK and the US and has played shows with the likes of Eddi Reader and Seth Lakeman. Ian Grehan is the creator of ambient electronica; beats and loops with a retro flavour. He is a founding member of ‘tongue-in-cheek industrial rap outfit’ Quake Tourists and has shared the stage with the mighty PWEI, amongst others. It was clear from the start that this musical partnership would produce something special. The combination of Ian’s electronic beats and lush soundscapes and Maddie’s spooky lyrics and layered ethereal vocals comprise, according to Gareth Dyton / DJ Chunky, one of “…the most beautiful sounding electronic albums I have heard for a while, I would also add that the combination between the multi-layered electronic beats and rhythm combined with a beautiful, haunting ethereal voice is a match made in Heaven. “From the almost shuffle beatesque vibes of ‘Breathe’ to the closing bars of the excellently covered ‘Wicked Game’ this album delivers on all fronts. The beats, music and voice and combine to create their own soundscape across the 9 tracks of this great debut offering. “There is a great deal of skill and musical ability displayed throughout the album and Maddie and Ian certainly play to each other’s strengths, Track 4 Ghosts is a classic example of this, it starts slowly with Maddie’s vocal talents taking the spotlight slowly progressing and getting beatier and more involved as the track goes on and it works, that’s not to say that every track does that because it doesn’t, there is no formula here. “Every track on this album has the strength to be a single, there is not a single track that doesn’t shine. The combination of electronic beats and this beautiful voice give Episode 8 something unique to bring to the mix, others will promise but few will deliver as much as this record. ”Watch this space…this is the start of something big…