Oliana Blue

Oliana is a singer songwriter based in Toronto. From French and Mexican parents, she grew up in Paris before moving to Toronto, two years ago. Building her music style with French music producer Tooti, the duo has created a unique universe, merging Tooti’s strong and melodious beats with Oliana’s powerful yet ethereal vocals. While releasing a few singles in the past year, Oliana and Tooti have been working on their first project which will see the light of day by spring 2022. The upcoming album consists of darker and meaningful songs, dealing with themes such as time, change, societal values, insecurity and love. ‘Waves’ is the first song of the project to have come out, setting the atmosphere for the album to come. ‘Jupiter’, the second song of the project, shows a softer and more intimate facet of the album. Finally, ‘Crave’ demonstrates Oliana’s poignant lyrics through an impressive vocal performance setting a final tone for the arrival of her first EP.