Red Calling

Red Calling is a four-piece Hard rock band out of Tampa, Florida. With a warm sound but intense rockin’ grooves, this original music collaboration spotlights Jessica Pons on vocals, guitar and keys, Javier Pons on guitar and programming, Bassist Luis Pons and Alessandro Kobleur on Drums. Palette influences include some Deftones, Korn, Lacuna Coil, The Gathering, Thrice, Radiohead, Reliant K, In Fear and Faith, Alesana. First radio single “Let Me Fade” released in February ’13. Following with the E.P. “Break the Silence” in ’14. First full-length album released in March, 2016. Single/Video “Taker of Breath” released in April, 2019. Single/Video “I had it all” released in April, 2020. Single/Video “Torture” released in May, 2021. Prior festival experience: Rockapalooza in Jackson, MI and Megaton in Toledo, OH. Solid as a show opener for National Acts: 10 Years, Lit, Otep, Adema, Candlebox, Saliva, Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace, Hed PE, Mushroomhead, Smile Empty Soul, Taproot, among others. With music both electrifying and passionate, singer Jessica can stun with heartfelt lyrics and intensity. Dynamic heavy guitars and synths, these melodies are brutal, yet tender. From its members to its music, Red Calling is as appealing to listen to, as they are to witness live.