SWND Records is pleased and proud to announce the label debut of its first American signing, The BuGs, formed in 2012, are based out of Salem, Massachusetts, and have in their nearly ten years active established a strong presence, with extensive radio support for their albums.

Members include brothers Mark Anthony Celani (vocals, piano, drums, guitar) Barry Celani (bass) and life-long friend Paul Susi (lead, rhythm guitars). They’re debut record “The BuGs” was released in 2013. After numerous shows around the Northeast, the band hit a bump with the exit of original drummer Jonathan Karas. The band took the opportunity to work on side projects and studio session work with various artists.

The BuGs re-emerged with M.A.C behind the drum kit and produced the album “Taste of White” released in 2021. The record features the singles “Anything Goes” and “One So Sweet” both of which can be heard on various radio stations across the globe.

From Hard Rock to Pop with notes of R&B and hints of World Music, The BuGs are extremely versatile and cast a huge net to catch listeners.