The Crawling Eye is the side project of Ten No.6 guitarist and songwriter Matthew Witherstone. Matthew was a member of 90’s indie band Interzone who recorded the EP ‘Stay A While’ for Double Dragon Records. After this band folded, he took a long break from music before forming Ten No.6 in 2018. During rehearsals for this band, it became apparent that he had several songs that weren’t particularly suited to that project, so decided to record them with various collaborators. Out of these sessions the ideas for ‘Wax Lyrical’ were formed. Not wanting to particularly conform to any genre (although undoubtedly influenced by 60s, 70s, and 80s singer songwriter, guitar bands, folk rock, and punk) the basic concept was to write and develop anything that felt genuine, drawing on varied influences and recounting real experiences. The line-up for this project consists of Simon Thomas on vocals, Matthew Witherstone giving guitars, bass, harmonica, melodica and backing vocals, with drums and keyboards provided by producer Frank Naughton, and Sean Davies on board to provide extra bass and backing vocals. The album was recorded in Ty Drwg studios, Grangetown, UK. Produced and mixed by Frank Naughton.