SHE LOVES 2 SHOP an Alternative Rock Album, the self titled debut by SHE LOVES 2 SHOP. Recorded over the course of several years at the Wigzrecords Media Studio near Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Producer Rollo Wigz after much experimentation, trial and error completed the 13 song compilation. We now enjoy the fruits of the many early morning sometimes late night and what seemed like 24/7 recording , mixing and mastering sessions. The rewards are these recordings forged out of a labour of LOVE. It took faith and dedication to create the vision inspired by the guiding hand of the One Almighty. This Debut Album release is the fulfillment of a Million and One decisions. Which hopefully one day looking back will be the first of many musical statements to come. The Artist and Producer Rollo Wigz provides all performances of Guitars, Bass, Drums, Synths , and Vocals . All Songs written, arranged , recorded, mixed , edited and mastered by Rollo Wigz. SHE LOVES 2 SHOP comes from the heart and hands of One Man.