Changing the world one song at a time

Risen consists of a band of believers in Jesus Christ, and want to share that message of hope, love, and redemption with the world. Started in early 2020 by lead guitarist Jammin, Chandler, and Hyperion, Risen quickly began to make a name for themselves with their own brand of in your face heavy metal. Soon after forming, they added Vocalist Aimee to the line up, along with bassist Jordan and drummer Steven. This is the current line up of Risen you see today. Combined with a very high energy rock and roll show, Risen believes that there’s more to music then just playing shows. Their main goal is to share the gospel of Christ to every fan they can, and to share the love and grace that they themselves have experienced. Catch them live on the road in 2021/22 in support of their debut record, A New Beginning.