Born in August of 1955 in Upstate New York along the banks of the Erie Canal, Robert has been expressing himself through music and poetry from a very early age. Influenced by both the Traditional Country songs played on the juke box at Peggy’s Diner in Macedon New York and and the Rock and Roll Woodstock revolution of the late 60’s and early 70’s,Robert’s heartfelt and thought provoking music is always delivered with a rootsey dignityRobert’s first CD “Shuster’s Hill was released in October 2016. He followed that in October of 2018 with the release of “ The Road from There to Here and in 2019 he released “This Year” All three CDs were recorded at Track Star Studios in La Mesa. In 2020 Robert released his forth CD “Down Home” recorded at Seven Corner Studio in La Mesa Ca.Ca.In 2018, Robert was recognized by the North America Country Music Association International (NACMAI) origination as the 2018 Adult Song Writer of The Year (Traditional Country) and the 2018 Entertainer of the Year Rising Star Award. Robert’s music has also been recognized by Songwriter’s Universe and AkakademiaMusical influences include:Janis IanStephen StillsJohn PrineSteve EarleTowns Van ZandtTom T. Hall • I would categorize my music as: Americana/Roots, personal and heartfelt