The idea of ​​LUN was born in 2018 but it becomes reality in 2020 in a very particular way, since it is not the typical band formed by friends who simply got together one day and decided to make a band, but rather it was the union of five strangers for the love of music.
The year 2020 passes, and the guitarist Ader Castillo contacts Allan Batz (who is the other guitarist), and tells him about some musical ideas he has, who without much thought agrees to form a musical alliance, likewise in parallel they contact Onassis Colindres the drummer of the band, who is shown some models and is also interested in the project and joins, in turn Onassis contacts Juan Ávila (the vocalist) who in the same way is shown the models and also agrees to form part of the group and finally Allan contacts Jeffrey Reyes the bassist, who upon hearing part of one of the songs agrees to be part of LUN and this is how this great community arises.