Marcus C. Dolan

West Sussex-based pop/singer-songwriter Marcus C Dolan is back with his latest single “Ready to Believe. It is a feel good song about new beginnings, goals and self belief. The track, a dreamy, keyboard-driven ballad, coaxes the listener into optimism. Virtual orchestration peppers the pre-chorus, building up to a sweeping refrain that echoes the title. Inspiration from the likes of John Mayer, Bruce Hornsby, and Nick Mulvey are evident in Marcus’ honest lyrics and self-production, all the while maintaining clear commercial appeal. With over 25 years of songwriting, producing, and composing, Marcus is by no means new to the industry. His formal musical education in college led to singing with the Wembley Community Gospel choir at the Albert Hall and also playing with the London Sinfonietta at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. He shares, “ I would like to enable more people to hear my breadth of musical genres, so that they can relate to the songs, or at least feel that it has helped to make their day a little easier.” In 2017, with a leap of faith and a dollop of courage, Marcus decided it was time to shine more light on being a singer-songwriter and performer himself. His releases traverse genres, all observational and semi-autobiographical. Songwriting has helped him through the cloudy moments, and allowed him to celebrate the good times. Recently, a move to a quieter part of the UK has given him new head space to reflect and breathe. “Ready to Believe” emerges from this new era in Marcus’ life, a positive song about new beginnings, goals and self-belief.

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