An activist curator and cultural spokesperson, KANIKA is a musician native to Baltimore, who deeply resonates with the injustices occurring on our doorstep. ‘It’s My Body’ is one of the highly anticipated songs on her 3rd solo album, coming Spring 2023. Invoking and facilitating conversations around important societal themes, Kanika’s work truly embodies the meaning of unity, female empowerment, and freedom of expression. Despite centralizing upon heavy topics, such music proves technically beautiful and atmospheric. “It’s My Body” is a song of protest fighting for our future generations’ right to choose AND in support of the many women who are protesting every day in their own unique way.’ Says Kanika, “It’s our Body, It’s our Voice. It’s our Future, It’s our Choice!”. Layering up-tempo dance tracks with soulful ballads over rock guitar, Kanika proves undefined by genre. Coupled with thought provoking lyricism and powerful vocals, ‘It’s My Body’ encompasses a melodic narration of lived experiences from the United States. ‘It’s My Body’ is OUT NOW Find Kanika on Social Media