Pleasing Forms

PLEASING FORMS is a DIY recording project by Todd Thomas, and this is his second release on PSYCHODAISY. “Despite being from Pittsburgh, this Todd Thomas solo project does that Triple J/ Australiana/Flying Nun dulcet jangle with the best of them whilst intermittently sliding piercing 80s electric riffs into the mix. The entire album is superb.” – Janglepophub. “Kaleidoscopic swirls of jangly riffs and pulsating beats create a dreamy soundscape of neo-psychedelic, garage rock, experimental rock, and jangly pop. a one-man band whose laid-back delivery and thought-provoking lyrics create a neo-folk narrative that unites and transcend positive energy. With an album in the pipeline, Thomas has been busy working on new material, and whose latest single has been selected as my “Single of the Day.” The Manc Review.