Jeremy Castle

Jeremy Castle (Jer) is an American Country Music Singer and Songwriter from Oklahoma. Jeremy Castle wrote, recorded, and released an independent radio hit entitled “Zero”, which went viral and completely unnoticed by Nashville record and publishing executives. Castle, however, gained a strong following of fans in both the United States and Europe and is recognized in his home state as a famous Oklahoman. He is considered “The King of The Country” by a loyal following of traditional country music fans based on a song by that title, which is popular overseas for country line dancing. Jeremy Castle is a recording artist artist, but also is considered an independent record label and self-publishing company.Jeremy Castle was recognized as a member of the Oklahoma Country Music Hall of Fame in June of 2021 for outstanding accomplishments as a songwriter and performer. His music was made popular by his independent country radio hit song entitled “Zero”. He had also received considerable air play for several other songs including “King of the Country”, “Take My Ring Off Your Finger”, and “You Ain’t Met My Girl”. Castle is also well-known for his composition “Starry Night”, which is a popular acoustic song played by djs as a last dance song during weddings. Another popular country song by Castle entitled “Oklahoma Girls Are The Prettiest” pays homage to fellow famous Oklahomans and country musicians Garth Brooks, Vince Gill, Reba McEntire, Toby Keith, Carrie Underwood, and Blake Shelton.Jeremy Castle has successfully gained popularity in country music with fans across the globe by writing, performing, producing, and promoting songs to a faithful audience of fans, who love and appreciate what they categorize as authentic, traditional, country music. Castle creates and self-publishes his own music without the help of a record label, agent, or promoter. He has done all this while obtaining three college degrees and working as a both an elementary school teacher and as a career firefighter in Oklahoma City. Castle lists the music of Merle Haggard, George Strait, and The Bellamy Brothers as his greatest influences.Jeremy Castle has self-published a large catalog of original music and gained a large, loyal fan base by simply writing and performing his music with no help from a record label, producer, or agent. Due to the fact that Nashville industry professionals refuse to accept unsolicited material, Castle had built his music career from the ground up by writing, performing, and recording all of his own material.