Nikki Taylor Vibe

Nikki Taylor Vibe (aka Nikki Taylor) is an American Singer Songwriter, based in NYC. She’s a cross genre artist with a soulful voice and an ability to connect deeply with her audience through hypnotic vocals and deep lyrics that tell stories. Her unique sound and style are rooted in her formative music years working in Indie Hip Hop. She started writing songs at a young age and has written, performed and co-produced multiple collaborative albums, across several genres. Working with numerous well-known artists and legendary producers including J. Oliver(Fresh Ayr), Southside, Wheezy and Rikanatti landed Nikki several placements with established music labels. Early in 2020 she collaborated on a single titled “Nother Level”with Royce Da 59 and Young Ra and in June of that year Nikki released her long-awaited debut EP “Siren”. The EP was a breakout international success across music blogs, magazines, broadcast and satellite radio stations. Power 98.5 Radio named Nikki their Breakout Artist of the Year for 2020. The EP delivered deeply moving, raw emotions that genuinely resonate with listeners, touching on deep issues, like mental health, addiction, depression, anxiety, as well as empowerment and self-love.

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