Fear of Falling

‘All My Time’ is a song that reflects on the short duration we have available to live our lives to the fullest for a meaningful existence, within a world that is in a perpetual state of chaos. Vocally the track delivers a powerful, yet restrained arrangement, reminiscent of a theatre-like production with highs and lows that take you on a journey of deliverance … and almost stadium-like anthem, living and breathing its way through the almost 4 minutes, through the creative talents of the musicians involved. It’s lifelike in the way that it takes breaths and pauses, before driving forward and delivering a massive chorus – all understated by the melodic basslines that create magic. ‘All My Time’ is the first single with new vocalist Ross Harding, who joins the lineup with drummer Dale Schnettler, guitarist Lloyd Timke and bassist Brendon McCaig. With this lineup Fear Of Falling begins to fulfil the full potential of this supergroup. The band can be seen maturing through its development, and Ross Harding could not have delivered a better performance on his first single with the band! Fear Of Falling has skilfully learnt and developed their sound, showing why they are on top of their game and the Rock Scene in Africa!