Chesney Claire

Pop/R&B singer/songwriter/producer, Chesney Claire was born in SW Louisiana in 2001. She began singing publicly in high school as the band’s lead singer. Right after highschool Chesney moved to Branson, MO to be a part of the music culture there. After releasing 6 Pop cover singles with the help of Producer Rich Brown, and Atlantis Recordings, she found her talents were calling her to the West Coast to work on some original music. In 2020 Chesney moved to Las Vegas, NV and started working with Grammy-nominated producers. By the end of 2020, Music Industry Awards started pouring in. Her first one was Female Vocalist of the Year at Indie Star Radio in Hollywood, CA. Chesney continued to work on her songwriting and music production skills all throughout the Covid pandemic. 2021 was very good to Chesney. She won 25+ Music Industry Awards and several prestigious nominations ie: Hollywood Music In Media Awards, Female Vocalist of the Year at the International Singer Songwriter’s Association (ISSA), a Josie nomination, (4) World Songwriting Awards, and many more. Chesney opened for the legendary Howard Hewett in October of 2021 and worked closely with Actor Danny Glover in a fundraiser to stop domestic violence. 2022 has proven so far to be a really great year too! Chesney continues stacking up Music Industry Awards and is a Class of 2022 Recording Academy Member.