The debut album of the band -COBALTO+ entitled “Citus Mutus” was published and distributed by Artist First on December 14th 2018. In 2019 “Fascist money” comes out a song in three different versions, from pop electronics to Tech house. Hop! special remix on sale at the beginning of 2020 in two versions: the Light version and the Long version, a song with a trendy European sound, alongside the successful German electronics. For the band’s 40th Anniversary (1980-2020) the new single “Now Forever” was released on July 10 with Artist First for the whole world, Produced with Tim Palmer, Cover Art by Marino Bocelli, Artistic Advisor by Robi Bonardi. The video of the song is online from July 17 2020 on the band’s official youtube channel, also on July 31 2020 a special edit of the single be released, with an equally unpublished cover.In January 2021 the band -COBALTO + is recognized in the compilation produced by Spittle records-Goodfellas, as the reference New wave band of the Lombardy region, releasing in the original version “Presagio” the first single from 1981 ever marketed.On 05-02-2021 it is the turn of the second single with the co-production of Tim Palmer: Shine now has the outlined sound of the post-virus and is accompanied by the video recorded between Italy and Colombia.On April 16, 2021 (Rillo production-Artist First) officially comes out on all digital platforms, Atmosphere Plus Remastered, accompanied by the relative video.The revision of the Joy Division song will be marketed from 30 June 2021, accompanied by an EP boxet containing 5-remixes of internationally renowned DJs, by the record label “Opilec Music, with relative promotion, and will be followed directly by a English company that will promote the package in the main cities of the world such as: London-Paris-New York-Tokyo-Sidney. In 2022 the new, third single of the production with Tim Palmer will be released, to follow the new album that will definitively consecrate the band in the Olympus of the producer’s discography among the most quoted in the world.