The Sixsters

The Sixsters is a band of five talented girls between the ages of 12 and 17. This band knows how to rock with their own songs at a high quality level. “The Sixsters” was formed in the spring of 2018 by a drummer in a small town in the Kyiv region. At the beginning, all band members lived in different cities and were of different ages. However, one thing connected them all – the endless desire to play rock music. This band went through the time of getting to know each other, rehearsing for hours, also conflicts. But, despite all the difficulties, these girls performed on the main stage called “Sofiyskaya Square” in the capital of Ukraine, performing their own songs under the direction of renowned Ukrainian artists. Some time later the band began to write more and more songs, and in 2019-2020 the girls managed to play over 40 amazing and unforgettable shows, including successful festivals in Ukraine. During this time there were changes in a band, but this only helped the girls grow as musicians and learn life lessons. At the end of 2020, the girls performed an hour-long program on stage, consisting entirely oftheir own songs. There are also music videos for some of these songs. The band took part in various television and radio programs. The desire to write songs grew and so they spent more and more hours rehearsing in their studio, where the band used to record songs. Due to the pandemic in 2020-2021, the year proved difficult for “The Sixsters” as well. Despite this, the girls tried to spend more time practicing and focusing more on creating songs and recording albums. In 2021, the number of songs written exceeded 30. Also, this year “The Sixsters” won a music competition held by the famous Ukrainian rock band “Antytila”. As a result, “The Sixters” got the opportunity to go on the stadium tour with “Antytila” (scheduled for May 2022) to perform on the biggest stages of Ukraine. But in February, when the band had ambitious plans, Russia started the war. Some girls had to flee the country, others sat in air raid shelters under fire from the Russian occupiers. It seemed like the band had completely broken up as nobody knew what to expect. However, every girl believed that one day we would meet again. At the moment they all live all over Europe and no one knows what will happen. In June 2022, after five months of war and without seeing each other, the girls finally met and started playing again! They met in a German town called Essen, where their drummer currently lives. During the first rehearsal, the band managed to create and record a new song. Love of music and friendship helped ‘The Sixsters’ reunite! Now the girls’ mission is to support Ukraine and show that it is an independent country by playing their own songs!