Hong Kong electro-pop artist XTIE released brand new single ‘Spaceship’ this month. An echo to her debut single ‘Flower Town’, ‘Spaceship’ is a happier, younger, and freer-sounding song about finding inner peace and escapism. A contrast to the seemingly naivety of ‘Flower Town’, ‘Spaceship’ takes on a more mature approach in recognizing the difficulty that lies in escaping from the bigger problems in life. ‘I was so frustrated and felt so helpless in everything happening around the world, global warming, policies, the war. I wanted to jump on a spaceship and leave the world behind’ says XTIE. ‘Lyrically I use the perspective of an Alien who lives in Earth for hundreds of years seeing humankind repeating history. The video for the single has been picked up by MTV Asia and shown on the Times Square Video wall in Hong Kong.