Singer/Songwriter Belle treats us to her stunning debut single ‘Run’ this month. A track written for her younger brother to let him know that she will always be there for him. “The meaning behind why I wrote “Run” says Belle “is a light hearted story, really. My brother was being teased by his friend group at school, and as an older sister my protective mode kicked in, I just desperately wanted to let him know that I’ll forever and always be there for him, no matter the circumstances!’ It’s a beautiful, uplifting pop/rock track taking influence from the likes of Avril Lavigne, Maisie Peters and Holly Humberstone. Belle finds comfort in words and has already written a large collection of songs, drawing on her experiences of growing up and healing after traumatic experiences, a feminist in training she belives in fairness. Her overall message with her music is one of Kindness, Love and Compassion always. With more releases and live shows to come, Belle is truly one to watch for 2022.