The Inaudibles

Since their debut album “Inaudibilty” was released in 2012, The Inaudibles have had praise and airplay from BBC Introducing among other radio stations.They have released original work on labels from all over the world, including LA, Germany, France and the UK. They have remixed big names in the house music industry, such as Tom Novy and Lenny Fontana. They’re own label Indistinct Records was launched in September 2017, providing a platform for Electronica and the like. To date, The Inaudibles have released music with Crossworld, EJ Underground, Heavenly Bodies, Tanz Kultur Audio, Synth City, Indistinct, King of House and Karmic Power, as well as many others. 2022 see’s the release of The Inaudibles’ second album, “One Night with the Electric Ensemble”. Drawing on the rich history of dance culture – house, funk and disco, electro, techno, breakbeat, electronica and more – the mysterious entity that is The Inaudibles have woven a sonic tapestry that pays tribute to all but is slave to none with real songs, real lyrics and real feelings. Over the 13 tracks of this exceptional album, myriad musical influences have been distilled into a sonic adventure that grabs the listener by the scruff of the neck and never lets go. Part personal reflection and part eulogy to the enduring power of the dance floor, “One Night with the Electric Ensemble” is a statement of musical intent that optimism and positivity can still triumph in a world best by hyper-commercialisation, pandemics and conflict.