Surf Farmer

Surf Farmer is an original alternative/indie band with psychedelic and surf sensibilities. We are a mix of psychedelic folk, alternative, and punk. We love jamming together, having fun, and having a good time with our audience.Genres: Alternative/Indie Rock; Folk; Western; 60’s Garage/Punk. Influences/Bands Compared with: Love, Crazy Horse, REM, B-52’s, Standells, REM, Dead Kennedy’s & the Beatles.What fans say: “Ya’ll sound like ‘the mamas and the papas meet the Ramones’;” Our music has also been described as “Nirvana and Crazy Horse go camping with the Ventures.”

Surf Farmer consists of Guitarist/Vocalist – Tom Schwend is from Julian, Ca. (Former bands: The Slurps, Tom’s Drip Tank, Howling Coyotes, Punk Grass. Bass – Donna Daly is from Mt. Vernon, NY. ( Former bands: The Mooks, Christian Rock Problem, Irrelevant) Drums – Ryan White is from Thunder Bay, Canada. (Former bands: Peter Fuzz, Five to Midnight) Harmony Vocals – Beth Buller is from Topeka, Kansas (but she’s not in Kansas anymore).