Casey Maunder

SWND Records is proud to add to its roster Swansea, UK rocker Casey Maunder. Casey Maunder was born and raised in Swansea and as the son of a local musician was immersed in music from an early age. By twelve years old he was performing with his father’s band and at 14 was writing and performing with local rock bands. At 19 Casey joined The Cherry Thieves and inspired by the Los Angeles glam rock scene they toured the UK extensively and featured regularly in music publications such as Kerrang and Melody Maker. After the demise of The Cherry Thieves Casey linked up with a childhood friend and formed Four Stories High. The band kept the energy of Casey’s earlier rock projects but fused it with a more imaginative and creative approach to song writing. The band gigged extensively across the UK and their single “Another Day” gained radio play, Welsh TV slots and was released on a compilation of the best emerging UK talent saw Casey decide to go it alone and take sole control of his song writing and releases. His sound is defined by overdriven guitars and a dedication to melody that means every track has a huge chorus that will not quit! His first three solo singles have had extensive radio play, including the track “Rolling at The Rathouse” being played on esteemed station Planet Rock. The upcoming album “Until Your Heart Stops Beating” showcases Casey’s vocal, lyrical and song writing range and delivers an eclectic collection of songs that range from hard edged rock to harmony laden power pop. Releases to date: Candle in Jar (Single)- 27.05.21 Rolling at The Rathouse (Single)- 06.09.21 If the World Was Torn in Two (Single)- 06.12.21