Wayne Ulanski

Wayne Ulanski was born, raised and survived growing up in New Jersey and now lives in California. With more than 600 songs to his credit, his compositions range from Adult Contemporary to reggae. His body of work includes many pieces that have been used in video scores or that have been performed by some of the top indie bands in the United States. Regarded as one of the true musical talents in the songwriting business, his lyrics are both sensitive and poignant, reflecting life stories and experiences appreciated by his growing fan base of performers. His dynamic arrangements are anything but predictable exhibiting a freshness and spontaneity that is appealing and exciting. As a composer he continues to create expressive works and provide today’s artists with a selection of hit material to help complete their next platinum album. “Another Passin’ By” is an album I am very proud of. It is raw and organic. Each song was arranged and performed to capture moods and moments that turn the lyrics into mental images to enhance the listening experience.” “With an absolutely remarkable group of musicians we have released a work that delivers a celebration of creativity in each song, each arrangement, melody, rhythm and sound.” “Creating something wonderful requires a combination of Originality and Elaboration…basically taking an idea and realizing its greatest potential. I believe that we have accomplished that with this new release.” In 2020 he formed a band, Brown The CousCous, and they have been in the recording studio since August of 2021 with plans to release their new album, “High Tide”, this Summer. A quote from an industry luminary: “Wayne is a serious artist. I’ve said that from the start. But now he has risen to a whole new level of musicianship and performance. And what a thrill to witness that.” – Catte Adams, Vocal Arranger/Vocalist.