The Daisycutters

Heralding the imminent release of their new album ‘Become What You Are’, SWND is pleased and proud to announce the release by MADCAP Global SWND Music of a triple hit of The Daisycutters’ backcatalogue. Darlings our partner label, MADCAP Global Music, the ‘cutters come straight from the surf and sand of the sunny Gold Coast. Aussie indie darlings and Triple J Unearthed winners, The Daisycutters, sometimes considered one of the most underrated Australian bands of the ‘90s, quickly solidified a loyal following, due in no small amount to their feverish brand of pop-rock spliced with punk attitude and unforgettable lyrics. Still a formidable live act today, their performances became synonymous with organised chaos as crowds swelled and bellowed along to hit favourites such as ‘Sick Day’ and ‘Kiss Me Stupid’. Fronted by vocalist, guitarist and prolific singer-songwriter, Cameron Wilson, The Daisycutters cut a swathe through mundane suburban pop of the day, offering up heartfelt stories that resonate deeply with their adoring fans. To this day, the Daisycutters remain some of the finest noise to come out of the Australian indie rock scene. The simultaneous release via SWND features three fantastic Daisycutters albums, ‘Awake Among the Sleepers’, ‘Come Sweet Bullets’, and ‘Lines and Sinkers: The E.P. Years’, the latter compiling the band’s fledgling E.P.’s.