Jon Sudbury

HEAVY is to be the first release from a forthcoming album from virtuoso guitarist JON SUDBURY, perhaps best known from years playing lead guitar for Stacie Collins and the Al Mighty 3. Jon has signed to SWND Records to release his debut album with big tour plans for 2022. Jon has written, played, and sung almost everything on this album, except for a few surprise appearances from local talent and a couple from rather further afield. For live performances the band will also feature Steve Mackrill on drums, Ben Govier on bass and David Bryan on extra vocals. All are career musicians, know their talents and know exactly what to do with them. To the tune in question then, ‘Heavy’ is a soul infused, weighty number with a heavy blues kick to it, and right from the into you can’t help but immerse yourself in its lazy, sexy depths. Hard, precision drums introduce us to a languid blues riff, comfortably cool, along with soulful and compelling vocals with just enough of a touch of grit. Extra colour is added by one of the guest appearances, Joe Orban, on Hammond organ, one of the vintage building blocks of so much of the best rock and blues. Since Jon is a guitarist by trade, it’s a given that this track includes a couple of killer guitar solos. Jon’s playing creates a song of its own, technical skill evident in his passion for his craft. Clean definition in the tone, soaring dynamics and an effortless vibe, he makes every note pop. It’s a true joy to listen to.