Madcap Global SWND is proud to announce the release on its SWND Records imprint the release of the debut album by Zacthelocust. After years and years of writing songs, but never having the opportunity to take them beyond home recorded demos, Keryn Isaac felt it was time to call upon some musicians from the South Wales music scene and start taking things seriously. The resulting album, ‘Years in the Making’, proves just how serious a talent Keryn Isaac is. Created over 2020 and ’21, at Channel View and Redrocks recording studios, comprising 10 songs of punk rock, some of which were written over 15 years ago, ‘Years in the Making’ is a powerful commercial coming of age for Keryn, showcasing his gift for mashing influences including Green Day, Metallica, Blink 182, Rancid, The Offspring and The Clash, Nirvana, Sum 41 and many, many more.Now with a firm lineup featuring Archie Holland and Ashley Turner have joined ZacTheLocust, and with gigs lined up starting with a debut at The Swansea Fringe Festival in October, Zacthelocust’s big choruses and melody are poised to take those demos all the way.