Our two Tall Shadows hovered above us two. We Jaik Llachlan and we Marcus Damon Hunt.  We crawled out from the ditches of parahonkeygould, AR…. By our strengths enduring the wailing sound of crunch and crispy clean waves everly…  in 2020 in mayish we two started swapping tracks via the internet…  We use the recording canvas for splashing base here and keys there, we riddle some tunes with guitar…  Keys and Drums tons of fun… This music is saving my sick ass every day… I love kicking my speakers for making Tall Shadows music… 
Last year we recorded the first TS recordTall Shadows  https://youtu.be/QHqe7gQ6yqs
 Soon after Tall Shadows ~ Heavy Blue came together to sound a deep call stirring up heavy cool vibes. I guess…  Harsh, Raw, Calm, and Collected.  I like to say our music is abstract er um rock… we’re genre lost.  So… Take all the priceless music you can find in our facebook.com/UglyEverly page… There are a couple of Google Drive Folders listed on the Ugly Everly Facebook page containing Tall Shadows and Ugly Everly Music mp3s in the posted links…  What we want is for the radio waves to carry our records over the so scientifically cool radio waves. Would be satisfied with consistent playing and radioactive listeners…  I’ve wished writers would analyze a couple of our records and write to me their spill, their feelings, notes, critiques while they endure the sound of Tall Shadows Music. Likers er fans of Tall Shadows and Ugly Everly are listed under  my label for fain  Art of the Archangel. 
Tall Shadows tower above us two, pulling sloppily our bodies all in skeletal fluid motion as the strings bellow lowly behind our fingertips.  The voice accents the lyrically driven songs voicing the lyrical out through the mouth with fain pleasure vocals stream out and intrigue the ears of the open minded, keenly, and with great thought, the lyricals drone on, accented with tiny bits of feeling to make each of the lyrical songs each artistically produced memorabilia to download and enjoy listening to, always.  Take everything you can find in our links for free… Download and generate Tall Shadows playlists…Listen with fun loudlyness in say your car or loud stereo…  TALL SHADOWS HEAVY BLUE has some special songs that ride with you well in a car…Sincerely, from the artists, in RUST we mean you no harm…  So please sit down and play an underground record more than once for once… Play Tall Shadows indefinitely once you give the record several rounds of play you begin to learn the musical  changes and the lyricals will become more apparent  to your ears, then you may learn to love Tall Shadows enough to copy and share the record to anyone out there you that you wish…  I like the lyrically vocalizing sounds of the words to be left subjective to each individual listener. So, truly, I need you in my cadra to deliver Tall Shadows to your really cool people you all know and would love with new Tall Shadows Music.    Enough…  If you’d like to communicate your most finely articulated response concerning your experience listening to Tall Shadows… Listeners state that it sounds peaceful…  Im betting on a 3rd Tall Shadows recording…  Visit facebook.com/UglyEverly and join or like the page or whatever and we’ll tell you when new records are done…   This is my last resend, all I have, I have for rent.  If you’d like to contact us personally concerning anything you wish to communicate to Tall Shadows about, then we’d be blessed by the graces of the words from your very mind channeled through your fingers and over to me giving me insight into our listeners and hoping we make friends with fans…   Email jaikllachlan@gmail.com for fun.