Eliza [pronounced “Eh-lee-zah”], is an original artist & composer from Southern California.Her music which has been described as “DARK ELECTRO-POP” is difficult to categorize. Her outer-space themed frolic “Satellite”, sounds like it could be the illegitimate love child of Lady Gaga & Justin Bieber! Yet the haunting melodies of songs like “Murder” & The Beat”, have a more moody & sophisticated tone, with a style more comparable to a movie soundtrack. Her compositions effortlessly blend Pop, Electronica & Trance, yet still provide radio-friendly infectious hooks that appeal to a large demographic.Eliza, has been cutting her musical teeth in the industry in various incarnations as a solo artist, a lead singer in cover & tribute bands, and as a session & sound-a-like artist under the name “Lizann”. As Lizann, her voice has been featured on various video games such as Activision’s GUITAR HERO 3, & Konami’s game ROCK REVOLUTION, and on TV commercials such as the Sandals Resorts ad singing “My Blue Heaven”.Yet there was another side of herself that she never revealed, UNTIL NOW…During her steady career as a vocal impressionist, Lizann had been secretly writing and compiling dozens of original songs. Not the big band classics or the power ballads that many of her fans had come to expect…not even close.These songs were altogether different. So much so, that Lizann felt her choice of musical direction as an original artist & composer would not be readily accepted by her die-hard “Lizann” fans. And for this reason, “ELIZA” was born.”Eliza was created out of necessity”, explains Lizann; “Eliza is the side of me I could never express as Lizann. She is artistic, dramatic, and uncontrollable. She is driven by the music. She is nocturnal, she is an advocate, a vigilante, and a crusader. And I’m only just beginning to know her!”Now, in conjunction with JCK MUSIC, “ELIZA” introduces her exciting new album titled: “ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN” poised for release later this year. It’s a collection of hypnotic & thumping tunes that are already creating a buzz in the clubs through trial releases. Stay tuned for more music to be posted here, and for show dates where you can catch performances by “Eliza”.