‘Scattered Shadows’ creates a mystical mood and sense of ambivalence, which invites reflection and contemplation of our modern lives. The album is an exploration of our fragmented, modern human experience when global mobility is at its height, and our lives are increasingly transient. There are scattered shadows in every society: the individuals whose existence is important yet remains largely unseen. Whose lives and work are vital to upholding our civilisation yet is carried out largely in the background; sometimes thanklessly, often without certainty or security.

Barbod Valadi: Guitar & Compositions Julien Wilson: Tenor Saxophone & Clarinet James Ball: Piano Ben Robertson: Double Bass Danny Fischer: Drums Recorded in Pughouse Studios Niko Schauble: Sound Engineer, Mix & Mastering Barbod Valadi: Art Works Bahador Valadi: Photography With Thanks to: Creative Victoria for funding this project and Multicultural Art Victoria for auspicing this project. Biography A classically trained multi-instrumentalist, Barbod Valadi brings an extensive range of styles and talents. Born in Tehran, he has a background in both Iranian Traditional music (Tar, Setar) and Jazz music (Guitar). Barbod studied Jazz guitar at Queensland and Melbourne Conservatoriums, Barbod holds a Bachelor of Music (Honours) and postgraduate qualifications in Music. Barbod has released seven recordings including albums, EPs and singles. He has also collaborated with a diverse range of musicians and projects, as a guitarist and a freelance musician.