Belle Vex

Rising talent Belle Vex drops uplifting pop number “Us,” driven by acoustic guitars and his airy vocal lines touched by hazy beats to round it off. With an empowering message that encourages us to be our own biggest cheerleader in good times and bad, the track has been six years in the making. A gentle yet catchy number that comes straight from Belle’s heart and a track he described as one he “cares way too much about,” the end result is a stripped back yet layered pop offering laden with warmth. Speaking of the track, Belle said, “Us is about being the support system when no one else would. This includes being there for yourself. My favourite song to date.” As someone who has consistently been self-reliant through the ups and downs of his career, “Us,” could very well be a soundtrack to Belle’s own journey. From his first record passing by without notice several years ago, slowly and steadily building a fanbase for his laid-back but rebellious style of pop to parting ways with his former representatives leading to the erasure of most his carefully sculpted craft. Later diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia, which made it near impossible to record vocals, Belle Vex has always allowed himself to be led by his passion for music. Having been on an inspiring journey – one in which he became his own strength and support, the promising talent has shown his ability to live by the message he’s putting on his latest track. Now, with life and creativity back under his control, Belle Vex is in his own home studio working on his most ambitious project to date, giving his listeners much to look forward to. Follow Belle on Socials