Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie is an American, international singer/songwriter currently working on releasing her debut album. She has been traveling and performing all the way from Thailand for the past five years with a true message for this world. Her number one mission is to help people see that anything is possible. After coming from a very rough childhood, suffering through heroin addiction, conquering heroin addiction, and finding her creativity once and for all makes things pretty clear for her that she is here for a really important reason that is expressed through her music journey. She is confident to say that “anything is possible. No matter what it is, and no matter what people say. You can literally do anything you heart desires. Follow your heart and your intuition always.” Enjoy her hit single, called “Please Don’t Let Go,” a song about a very toxic relationship from her past. It’s about that situation when you feel such deep and genuine love for someone, but it’s almost like the right person/wrong time sort of thing that really just tears you apart. She knows that many other people can relate to this, and is so happy to share this song as she believes connecting with music is very healing and creates a sense of oneness with this crazy world, we live in. Check out the official music video for this song on her YouTube channel named “Singer Lisa Marie.” Stay tuned by subscribing to her channel and follow her on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and SoundCloud more music.