Saahil Bhargava

Having established himself as one of the most exciting new prog rock artists following the release of the 5 track debut EP ‘Ronin’, Indian-American heavy progressive-rock solo artist Saahil Bhargava is back once again with the new single ‘Blood-Starved Beast’. Produced alongside Eric Emery with additional production from Keshav Dhar (both of renowned progressive metal band Skyharbor), the new single once again showcases Saahil’s ability to create explosive cinematic rock soundscapes as well as his talent as a songwriter and performer. Opening with an eerie, reverb tinted piano riff, Blood-Starved Beast quickly sets the scene for the haunting metal tinted progressive rock track which is about to ensue. Bursting to life with thick layers of heavily distorted guitars, punching drums and driving bass, Saahil’s charismatic, pinpoint vocal delivery soon enters, taking centre stage before introducing the infectious earworm chorus. The single is both a demonstration of Saahil’s ability as a musician as well as his ability to tell stories through his music. An avid gamer, the track thematically revolves around what it’s like to be a gamer: the trials and tribulations of being stuck on a level and using this to compare to real life experiences. Using this synopsis, Saahil has created a track that is theatrical, catchy and striking in performance and production akin to the likes of Dream Theater. Speaking about the single Saahil said: “My latest song, “Blood-Starved Beast,” embraces my gamer side. Inspired by the horror game Bloodborne, Blood-Starved Beast is about the obsession and drive that gamers experience, with the thrill of the battle only beaten by the crushing anger of defeat. The music and lyrics of this song explore the “horror” elements of the dark nightmarish environment, as the main protagonist struggles to fight his way through a never-ending loop, much like a gamer stuck on a level. Blood-Starved Beast has been brewing for a long time, so I’m excited to finally release it. And I’m even more excited to see how gamers respond to a song that should be extremely relatable, in both nostalgic and sigh-inducing ways. Raise a glass to all the broken controllers, cracked TVs and tears shed over games like Bloodborne.” Having received widespread acclaim for his debut five track EP from the likes of Rolling Stone India, Telegraph India, Indian Express, GQ India and many others, Saahil Bhargava has built a growing fanbase including among the gaming community after being championed by a number of gaming influencers. With appearances on the likes of the Mike Wagner show (KFYR AM 550, KFYR.COM, 99.7 FM and iHeart Radio) and two award nominations alongside the likes of Yo-Yo Ma and Paul McCartney at the prestigious Los Angeles Shorts International Film Festival, his career has already shown immense promise as Saahil prepares to release yet more new music. The new single ‘Blood-Starved Beast’ is release February 4th via The Orchard.