Michael Paul is an avid Singer/Songwriter, Lead Vocalist, and Multi-Instrumentalist who started out touring the east coast in a variety of Rock and Heavy Metal bands like “Steel Blue,” and “Gridlock.” When Michael relocated to Los Angeles, he promptly began performing throughout LA’s popular club circuit that included world-renown venues like “The Troubadour,” The Roxy” and “The Whiskey of” primarily fronting a powerful Alternative/Metal/Grunge band called, “Deep Under Green.” Now, after transcending his “bandwidth,” Michael has become a revered and refined solo artist, producing grade timeless songs in the Rock, Pop, Alternative and Soul genres. With thousands of new followers and more every day, this unique piano-based artist is currently making big waves in Dana Point, CA.Paul’s first EP release, “REACH,” received rave reviews across US and UK Internet radio. Paul was also awarded for “Best Song of the Year,” twice ––once with ‘Natural Disaster’ and then again with ‘Hollywood Postcard,’ on the US Internet radio station, “iLike2Rock.net.” Michael Paul has also been featured on local TV/PBS broadcasts of the talk show, “Laff It Off With Grace.” On the show, Michael gave live performances and personal interviews with host Grace Fraga. Immediately after “REACH,” Michael produced and released a funk-like/bluesy single called, ‘Fruition’ ––that won him the “Best Male Vocalist” award on UK Internet radio, “RadioGetsWild.com.”Attracting over 28,900 viewers on YouTube, Michael’s music video ‘Natural Disaster’ received accolades from both critics and an astounding demographic ––ranging from 12 to 60+ years of age. While promoting the “REACH” EP throughout So Cal, Michael enjoyed near-sold-out concerts via intimate venues like, “The Temecula Theater” and “The Vault,” and in support of Cancer fundraising events like, “Rock Out Cancer.” Since then Michael has been consistently hammering out new singles, and his fan base has never been stronger or more supportive.The most recent victory that Michael has enjoyed on his solo mission is his successful fundraising campaign. This campaign was hosted on Michael’s own website, in an effort to “master and release” his latest single, “Test Tube Revolution.” Fans did not disappoint, and within two weeks the campaign goal was met ––allowing Michael to begin blasting “Test Tube Revolution” out to the masses via social media, starting with his go-to, FaceBook page. Other impressive singles that MP has produced and released independently are “You Should Be Here,” “Secret” and “The Ball.” These songs along with all the songs from Michael’s “REACH” EP can be found and/or purchased via MpMusic.OnLine/shop.Today Michael Paul’s social media presence is wide and expanding ––encompassing many networks including ReverbNation, YouTube, Twitter, and InstagramAt present, the best way to become a part of Michael Paul’s musical journey is by Liking/Following him on FaceBook. For more information please contact Michael Paul directly, at: Michael@MichaelPaulMusic.com